The club regrets to announce the death of former member John Sinfield.

John played in the first XV as scrum-half during the 1960s and 1970s. He also appeared on occasions in the role of fly-half.

The funeral takes place at noon on 16 August St Mary's Church, Eaton Bray.

John was a fun-loving person as can be seen from the story below related by his first team captain, Dai Jenkins.

In my declining days as HRFC 1st XV skipper in the late sixties John was the scrum half when we played at Tring RFC. Later, we arrived a bit late for supper with friends. John had his arm in a sling, having sustained a shoulder injury. Sympathy all round. Food cut up for the injured man. Then general relaxation. Until, that is, we were urged to finish off the vegetables, when John swiftly grabbed the spuds using his injured arm.

We had earlier enjoyed a most convivial post-match session with the Tring captain and his wife. When we suddenly realised we had tarried too long and would be late for supper she said “No problem”, disappeared and returned with the sling. Smiling, she said. “ This’ll do the trick”, and put his arm in it !

Just shows - scrum halves can never be trusted entirely…….

I particularly remember the silence when he grabbed the spuds.