HRFC applications for 6 Nations tickets

All applications will now be made by completing a form online at the club’s website at http://www.hrfc.com/form_tickets1.php

Payment for the tickets must be received before your application will be processed.

Payment details


Sort code 20-05-73

Account 73984117

You must reference your payment: 6NatSurnameInitial eg 6NatBianchiA

By submitting an application you declare that you have read the below and agree to abide by HRFC’s international ticket procedure and the process of allocating tickets.


Only fully-paid up members of HRFC can apply for tickets. All applicants’ names will be checked against the member list on the website on September 30th 2020. If your name does not appear on that date, you will not be eligible for tickets and will receive a refund (minus admin fee) late January/early February.

All tickets are subject to RFU rules. These are available at http://www.rfu.com/tickets/termsandconditions and are printed on the tickets themselves.

If you are allocated tickets but discover you are unable to go to the match for whatever reason, you should contact Andy Bianchi, who will then reallocate them to another club member. Under no circumstances should tickets be sold for profit or put for sale on ticketing websites. Any member who attempts to do this will be expelled from the club.

Club members are expected to engage with others in adjacent seats and report back if you have any suspicions regarding anyone holding Harpenden tickets. Process

Complete the form and return before the deadline of 1st October. Don’t expect to get any tickets if you miss it.

Tickets will be allocated about 3-4 weeks before the matches themselves.

Tickets and/or refund will be sent on as soon as possible after we receive them from the RFU.

The club is initially allocated a limited number of tickets. At a later stage more tickets may become available if they are returned by member clubs. We can buy these, but at a premium of up to 20%. In order to meet everyone’s requirements we buy these with the consequence that you may be sitting next to someone who paid less for the same seating area.

How does HRFC decide who gets tickets?

We want as many people as possible to enjoy the chance of going to watch England at Twickenham.

You can apply for as many tickets as you want (and can afford!) but we observe the following rules:

Tickets are awarded in pairs unless you specifically ask for a single ticket

If all other members interested in a particular match have got a pair of tickets you may be awarded additional pairs of tickets for that game.

The quicker you apply, the better chance you have of getting tickets. Forms received first will go to the top of the pile.

The club reserves the right to allocate a number of tickets to specific members at its own discretion. Individuals allocated tickets in such a manner will pay full price for such tickets.

Whilst every effort is made to allocate tickets at the requested price, occasionally it may be necessary to offer seats at a different price. It will be assumed that all those completing this form will be prepared to accept tickets at a higher or lower value if necessary.

Unsuccessful applicants from previous years will be given priority.