Welcome to Harpenden Rugby Football Club (HRFC) Mini Section

If this page doesn't answer your question (or raises several more) then please talk to any of the coaches. Please note that a good way for you to contact us is by using the address: minis@hrfc.com

How to join

We meet at 10:00 on Sunday mornings from the beginning of September through to the end of April - either for training or matches against other local clubs. Click onto the page of the age group you are interested and get in touch with the coaches.

At the start of every season we have a registration day (incl. training) when you can join and get all of the admin stuff out of the way. For the season 2017-18 this will be on Sunday 3rd September at 10:00am

Important info for mums, dads, bill payers, taxi drivers and kit washers.


All the coaches are volunteer parents, and some drills require extra help, so please do not be surprised if you are asked to help (with the group your child is in.) The main coaches are all CRB checked, but we cannot run sessions without help from other parents.

We are not a creche

A parent or responsible guardian must be with your child at all times.

Club Membership

All children must join the club (via family membership), although we are happy that you come along to a couple of sessions first to ensure they enjoy it, before you pay.

If paying after the initial session, payment should be given to a coach in a sealed envelope.

All children who take part in matches must also complete the RFU Junior registration form available from the documents section of this site with two passport photographs.

Rugby monsters

Rugby monsters are age 4 - 5 ( or until they join Year 1 at school). Training on Saturday mornings at 10:00am from Saturday 2nd September 2017. Contact minis@hrfc.com for more information

Age Groups

U6s School Year 1 only

U7s School Year 2

U8s School Year 3

U9s School Year 4

U10s School Year 5

U11s School Year 6

U12s School Year 7


The fixture list for each year group is on this site, we hope to be able to run multiple teams in each age group, particularly the U7's and U8's. We will endeavour to ensure that children get as much game time as possible.

Please note that U6's do not have any competitive fixtures.

Please let your coaches know of any weekends when you might not be available for selection. Team selection

The club's policy on team selection is designed to field the best team possible based on a number of factors, e.g. rugby skills, behaviour (especially ability to listen to the coaches and do as they ask) and attendance (regular attendees will be picked over less frequent attendees of similar or even higher ability - please ensure your child is ticked off on the register). The coaches will normally select teams based on a mixed ability criteria, this is important for the children as it allows the entire age group to development, and ensure that everybody is enjoying rugby right through to the Junior and Senior teams.

Please note that all players are always taken into consideration. An email newsletter is sent every week, to inform parents of any training plans etc. It is vital that we have your email address.

The coaches will regularly review players' development throughout the season and players might move between teams for development purposes etc.

Training Sessions

Each training session is designed to develop skills in an area of rugby, the normal style is:

  • Warm up with basic stretching
  • A number of drills, e.g. passing the ball, tackling, scoring a try, teamwork etc
  • Then at the end a mini match - once everyone understands the basic rules!
  • Each session will include at least one break, so please bring water and snacks Training may be cut short for weather or if we feel that the children have had enough - another reason to always stay around. Clothes

    Rugby training continues whatever the weather. The main problem we have is that we cannot keep the children running all the time to keep them warm, so layers are strongly recommended as it gets colder (Vest, Rugby shirt, fleece and windproof coat may be required). Thin waterproof trousers are also very useful, not only when it is raining but also when the grass is wet from dew / frost / rain. Layers can always be taken off!

    All of these can be purchased from the club shop that is open every Sunday morning in the club house during the season.

  • Woolly Hats and gloves will also be required.
  • Please ensure that your child's kit is named.
  • Harpenden kit is required for matches and can be purchased from the shop located in the clubhouse (open on Sunday mornings)
  • As soon as the ground gets wet, boots (football boots with blades are NOT permitted) will be required. Trainers will not be suitable.
  • Basic laws of tag rugby (U6's through U8's)

  • There are 7 players in a squad
  • The ball must always be passed backwards (football players beware!)
  • To score a try a player must push the ball down over the try line (while on their feet)
  • You are tackled when on the Velcro tags attached to your belt is removed by the opposition
  • If you tackle someone you must let them pass the ball and then give them their tag back
  • Only tackle the player with the ball!
  • Tag rugby is non contact, the only way to tackle somebody is to remove one of their Velcro tags
  • There is absolutely no kicking of the ball
  • Play may be stopped at any time if a player is on the ground (players must stay on their feet at all times) - this includes scoring tries. Diving tries will always be disallowed!
  • Advantage will be played where it is safe / fair to keep the game flowing

    Important. After Tag rugby, the next rugby format is Mini/Midi rugy which starts at U9 and involves rudimentary scrummaging, line-outs and tackling.

    Above all else, at these ages it is about having fun