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Sat 1 Sep 2018 1st XV 15:00 P1 [Ref: Craig Wilson] Friendly Harlow H W 35 - 21
Sat 1 Sep 2018 1st XV 08:00 P0 Event H   Minibus Booked - 1XV

Squad selection
0Meet @ 13.45Comments
10Sean McLoughlin1
20Pete Sims2
30Sam Staff3
40Tom Rolfe4
50Oli Lacey5
60Ed Preston6
70Austin Phillips7
80Michael Goode8
90Tom Randall9
100Adam Wilkinson10
110Billy Sach11
120Tom Sweeney12
130Nic Childs13
140Henry Simcott14
150Jack Haddock15
160Ben Campion16
170Gus McSporran17
180Dan Tominey18
190Tom Sanders19
200Jack Murphy20
210Tris Francis21
220George Attfield22
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